Yuzhno-Uralskiy Heavy Engineering strengthens cooperation with JSC “ArcelorMittal Temirtau”

Yuzhno-Uralskiy Heavy Engineering strengthens cooperation with JSC “ArcelorMittal Temirtau”

This month Yuzhno-Uralskiy Heavy Engineering finished shipment of three slag cars of 16 m3 to JSC “ArcelorMittal Temirtau” (Temirtau, Kazakhstan) – the first batch of the machines transferred to the enterprise according to a contract for supply of metallurgical equipment. Also, in the second quarter, it is planned to ship the second batch of similar machines numbered 2.

A slag car of 16 m3 with a screw pan dumping drive is intended for reception of liquid slag from a smelting device and its transportation to a slag dump or granulation unit. The slag car is moved along the rail track by tractive railway devices.

Technical characteristics

Pan capacity, m3


Maximum weigh of slag (open-hearth slag) in pan, t


Weight of pan with slag, t


Staticaxleload, t


Maximum ascent of track, m


Track curvature radius, m, at least


Maximum travel speed of loaded slag car, km/h, at most



Base of carrier, mm                                                




Type of automatic coupler


Gear box ratio


Pan tilting time for angle of 118°, s                   


Electric equipment characteristics



          Power, kW

          Rotation frequency, rpm

          Duty ratio, %

Limit switches


          Quantity, pcs.










14. Plug socket

               plug type


               socket type



2РТТ48Б9Ш27В ГЭ0364.120ТУ


15. Weight of electric equipment, kg


16. Weight of slag car with electric equipment (without pan), kg




A slag car of 16 m3 consists of the following main units:

     -         frame;

     -         carrier;

     -         tilting mechanism;

     -         pan with links;

     -         automatic coupler with body center plate;

     -         rail grip;

     -         block plug unit.


The frame is a welded structure that rests upon two carriers. A carrier consists of two wheel pairs with axle boxes, two balancers, bolster beam, and bearers. The bolster beam rests upon the balancers through spring sets. Connection of the carriers with the frame is through body center plates.

The slag car tilting mechanism provides dumping of the pan and its return to the initial position. The tilting mechanism includes supporting ring with toothed wheels, toothed racks, gear box, electromotor, upper and lower lifting screws with trapezoidal thread, limit switches.

The supporting ring is a steel cast in which the pan is inserted and reliably fixed.

For coupling of slag cars with each other, automatic railway-type coupling devices are embedded in butt ends of the frame. Automatic coupling is controlled through a lever.

At the driving side of the frame, slots are provided for installation of a block plug attaching the electromotor and limit switches to a power circuit. For prevention of upset during tilting of the pan, the slag car is equipped with rail grips.


Receiving rotation from the electromotor through a gear system, the screws impart progressive motion to nuts, traverse and supporting ring with the pan. Being geared with stationary racks, toothed wheels roll along them, turning the supporting ring with the pan. Thus, the pan is dumped with simultaneous movement from the middle of the slag car frame to the edge. As the pan approaches the frame edge, the pan turn angle increases.

For power supply of the electromotor, the slag car frame is equipped with plug sockets.

Heavy Engineering ORMETO-YUMZ is a traditional manufacturer and supplier of metallurgical equipment, including, besides slag cars, sintering and kilning equipment, equipment for continuous casting of steel, equipment for rolling mills, blast-furnace equipment, steel-smelting equipment, coke-oven equipment, equipment for nonferrous metallurgy, attendant equipment and so on.

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