YUMZ equipment enables to considerably reduce damages of railway cars unloaded at ports.

YUMZ equipment enables to considerably reduce damages of railway cars unloaded at ports.

Mass media now more often expose information about increase of accidents with railway cars unloaded at ports. This problem is particularly pressing for the ports where cars with loose materials are unloaded in dated grabbing way, ports with no defrosting means and so on. According to Russian Railways, due to increasing transportation of loose materials to ports, there is a need for large-scale technical re-equipment of unloading devices and equipping of terminals with car dumpers, mechanisms for recovery of looseness, and heating devices necessary for discharge of loads fusing into a frozen mass.

 Yuzhno-Uralskiy Heavy Engineering has considerable capacities and broad experience of production of equipment for careful and effective unloading of railway cars with loose materials. A full range of necessary technological equipment is produced for port (and other) unloading complexes:

·          pushers with pushing force of up to 50 tf;

·          positioners with tractive force of up to 40 tf;

·         drill-ripping machines (stationary and mobile);

·         devices for heating of cars;

·        car dumpers of different designs (traditional side- and rotor-type dumpers, rotor-type two-support dumpers, including ones with hydrodrive, rotor-type dumpers with С-shaped rotor and hydrodrive, tower-type mobile side-type and stationary dumpers);

·            crushing and milling machines;

·            feeders (belt-type, oscillating, paddle-type);

·            one- and two-car transborders;

·            over-hopper racks, hoppers, overhead cranes, and other equipment for unloading complex.

Side-, rotor-, tower-type car dumpers with a traditional “kinematic scheme” are equipped with a control system which performs soft resting of cars against the supporting wall and upper stops owing to reduced speed of dumping drives, and therefore eliminates deformation of a car body.

Rotor-type car dumpers with hydraulic grips provide gripping of cars, eliminating their deformation, and loading of car trucks during the whole dumping cycle. Design of these car dumpers is marked with positive conclusion by Russian Research Institute of Railway Transport, Yekaterinburg.

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