Heavy Engineering ORMETO-YUMZ has shipped another car dumper to JSC “ArcelorMittal Temirtau”.

Heavy Engineering ORMETO-YUMZ has shipped another car dumper to JSC “ArcelorMittal Temirtau”.

At the end of September 2014 JSC “Heavy Engineering ORMETO-YUMZ” finished shipment of rotary two-support stationary cradle-type car dumper ВРДС-100Лto Central Concentration Plant “Vostochnaya” of JSC “ArcelorMittal Temirtau” Coal Department (Karaganda, Kazakhstan).

It is already the second car dumper ВРДС-100Лsupplied by the Orsk enterprise in 2014 to CCP “Vostochnaya”. The first one was shipped to the Kazakhstan enterprise in February 2014.

Car dumper ВРДС-100Л is intended for unloading of loose materials (coal) to receiving hoppers from gondola cars with carrying capacity of up to 100 tonnes by dumping them with a horizontal-axis rotor.


Technical characteristics:

- rotation angle, degrees – 165…175;

- gondola car unloading time, s – 63…75;

- weight, t – 187;

- voltage, V – 380;

- rated power consumption, kW – 113.


ВРДС-100Л is one of the latest ORMETO-YUMZ products. The advantages of this car dumper, in comparison with the outdated versions, include:

- improved strength and durability of the rotor given by use of high-rigidity disks and stationary stage of increased section which is rigidly linked with the disks;

- increased service life of the bandages which are forged from high-strength steel (34ХН1М) with complete machining; mounting and demounting of the bandages during replacement are facilitated;

- improved unloading conditions given by absence of higher structures (above the car) and accurate application of the grips (without overlaying of the upper framing of gondola cars);

- location of the vibrators in the lower part of the leaning walls, which provides improved cleaning of gondola cars in comparison with the versions where the vibrators are located in gripping hooks (ВРС-75) or on the upper girders of the rotor (ВРС-93).

 - car dumper control system based on a controller, contemporary sensors, and visualization device, which enables to improve reliability of technical parameters control, efficiency of troubleshooting for the control system, to increase display clearness for individual mechanisms and technological failures. Use of a programmable controller provides easy integrating of the car dumper local control system into the industrial control system of the facility where the car dumper is to be implemented.


Besides above mentioned advantages, it should be noted that car dumpers ВРДС-100Лcan be erected on the basement of ВРС-125 with minimum alteration, for 2 hoppers, and only two crushing and milling machines are necessary for its operation.

It is already sixth car dumper which is supplied by Heavy Engineering ORMETO-YUMZ to ArcelorMittal Temirtau.  The five ready-supplied car dumpers (in 2000 – ВРС-93; 2006 – ВРДС-100Г; 2007 – ВРДС-100Г, 2012 – ВРДС-100Л, February 2014 – ВРДС-100Л) are already operated in the structural subdivisions of the Kazakhstan enterprise, including heat power plant 2 in Temirtau. Implementation of the new ВРДС-100Лis scheduled for the end of October – beginning of November 2014.


Heavy Engineering ORMETO-YUMZ is a traditional supplier of transfer-and-blending equipment which includes, besides car dumpers, car pushers, positioners, rippers, stackers, reclaimers, stacking-and-reclaiming machines, blenders, belt conveyors, bore-mill machines etc.

Engineering capability of Heavy Engineering ORMETO-YUMZ enables to perform integrated supplies of transfer-and-blending equipment for metallurgical works and ore-dressing and processing enterprises, thermal power plants, and for sea and river ports.

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