Equipment of trademark “Heavy Engineering ORMETO-YUMZ” will help to metallurgists of Novotroitsk.

Equipment of trademark “Heavy Engineering ORMETO-YUMZ” will help to metallurgists of Novotroitsk. 

Heavy Engineering ORMETO-YUMZ is finished the shipment of four of five pushers of T-20 type for JSC “Ural Steel” (JSC “Holding company “Metalloinvest”) under agreement implementation.  

Heavy Engineering ORMETO-YUMZ performs the supply of the present pushers with a view of a replacement of outdated, physically worn-out machines (four pushers are designed for blast-furnace plant and one for sintering plant).  

Basic characteristics:

Pushingpower, tf – 20

Axle load, t max – 40

Travel speed, m/sec – 0,2

Gauge, mm – 1520

Control – remote

Pusher weight without ballast, t not more than – 30

The pushers Т-20 are designed for moving of hot-metal and slag trains under discharge of melting products of blast-furnace and for transporting of sinter mix into blast-furnace workshop.

The fifth which is the last pusher of T-20 series is planned to supply to the integrated iron-and-steel works before the current year is out.    

Besides the pushers of Т-20 series ORMETO-YUMZ for JSC “Ural Steel” has already finished the shipment of iron notch opening machine - МВ2ЛН-18000-3200-51-М(the machine is designed for sequential opening of two iron notches by means of rotation drilling procedure, as well as for opening of blast furnace chapels).  

The machine basic characteristics:

Pressure of drill feeding, kN - 19±2

Drilling depth, mm - 3200±20

Rotation frequency of the drill, rpm - 518

This machine will be used in the blast furnace workshop of JSC “Ural steel” under project implementation of reconstruction of blast furnace No.4, which will finish in October of 2015.  

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